giovedì 26 luglio 2018

Antikatechon: "The Sanctum of Saturation" CD reviewed on "Ver Sacrum"

Torna Antikatechon, il progetto dark-ambient di Davide De Col di cui avevo gia’ parlato in passato qui su Ver Sacrum. Si tratta del sesto disco di Antikatechon intitolato The Sanctum Of Saturation. Le coordinate stilistiche sono ancora le medesime ovvero lunghi ed inquietanti bordoni elettronici minimali densi di un’atmosfera oscura e malata che ci va visitare altre dimensioni dell’essere. Antikatechon ci immerge in un mare nebbioso da cui non sembra esserci mai fine. Il disco e’ diviso in 2 lunghe composizioni: “The Statations Of Servitude” e “The Sanctum Of Saturation” entrambe di oltre 25 minuti. Rispetto al suono magmatico della passata produzione, si nota forse una maggiore proprensione verso sonorita’ power electronics deflagranti e corrosive come si puo’ ascoltare nella traccia iniziale. Tuttavia non siamo di fronte a una sterile accozaglia di suoni senza senso che, in alcuni casi, risultano fini a se stessi. Al contrario, nella musica di Antikatechon, si percepisce un senso e si capisce che, alle spalle, c’e’ un lavoro di ricerca. Le ambientazioni sono, in realta’, pacate: il rumore di fondo ha lo scopo di cullarci e portarci verso un ascolto profondo e quasi mistico. Sta alla sensibilita’ dell’ascoltatore riuscire a penetrare nell’universo oscuro di Antikatechon. La title-track, con le sue  atmosfere quiete e minacciose, lascia presagire l’esistenza di una realta’ nascosta. L’iconografia della copertina, con un teschio in bella evidenza, lascia gia’ presagire, peraltro, il tipo di sensazioni a cui andremo incontro. The Sanctum Of Saturation esce per la Rage In Eden ed e’ consigliato ai seguaci del dark-ambient e del post industriale esoterico.


venerdì 6 luglio 2018

Antikatechon: "The Sanctum of Saturation" CD reviewed on "Flux Webzine"

Antikatechon is the main project of Italian underground musician Davide Del Col, active as a part of abstract-experimental project Echran with Fabio Volpi and of electronic/glitch project Molnija Aura with Andrea Marutti. He has worked with Giuseppe Verticchio in the collaborative shoegaze/new wave project We Promise To Betray too, showing his interest for different forms of music. As Antikatechon he has released four albums of experimental dark ambient music mixed with classical and noise elements, and a collaboration with Nihm (Giuseppe Verticchio) called Out Hunting For Teeth. In the past we have reviewed his album I Fell Nothing But Repulsion, and now he gives us a 2-track album named The Sanctum of Saturation (2018, Rage In Eden), a work born from the communion of noise/drone music and acoustic melodies.

As already mentioned the work is divided into 2 long-form instrumental pieces respectively called The stations of servitude and The sanctum of saturation which display diverse suits and sudden changes in direction, sonic stories made of ethereal innuendos, sharp noise, droning movements, melancholic melodies and dark, grim ambiances. The listener is invited to a long journey through sounds and minds, a cathartic experience with almost ritual qualities and deep states of concentration. A holy place (see the name of the album) where the saturation of sounds and effects generates a mantra in which the cacophony is a hymn for the restless souls.

The stations of servitude starts with oniric soundscapes and shrilling lines, engulfing us with its hypnotizing crescendo while ambient effects and solemn atmospheres are developed in the background. A moody sax can be heard, but the growing noise dominates the track starting from the third minutes. Now we obtain a droning structure with dooming tones and distorted sounds, an obsessive motif descending into majestic white-noise territories. At the seventh minute a glorious climax is reached, giving space to cosmic lines and roaring dissonances. The resulting mantra is repeated for several minutes, but at the end of it we find beautiful synth -lines with ethereal and almost progressive qualities. Then, industrial suites and ominous loops guides us through the gray soundscapes, slowly indulging in quieter ambient drones and dreamy sequences. The now dominating melody is full of melancholy and sweetness, a perfect complement for the surrounding distortions.

The title track welcomes us with dark ambient atmospheres and droning movements, crafting a grim voyage underlined by epic choruses full of ethereal qualities. An almost orchestral songwriting, but violated by crunching industrial loops and electronic interferences, a mix of sonic beauty and ugliness. The union of elements conjures a surreal climax full of human emotions and mechanical rhythms, a crawling obsession soon dwelling in a sea of sharp distortions and static disturbances. An electric atmosphere full of repressed tension is reached, and shrilling feedback sounds find their place in the aural majesty of the looping number. After the twelfth minute the storm goes away and new mantras create a section enriched by middle-eastern strings. The artist surprises us with these elements, but the noisier side of his music is not forgotten: drones and static effects still engulf the listening experience, but they do not destroy the melodic aspects of it. The last part of the track is dedicated to ambient suites and celestial harmonies.

A work rich in sounds and atmosphere in which dark ambient, drone/noise music and experimental elements conspire in order to develop a captivating aural experience. This is not just a collection of random noises and sounds, a pretentious attempt to avant-garde without any real meaning. Instead, we find a diverse but coherent work with a sonic narrative and slow developments, well-thought changes of direction and a skillful collaboration between noise and melody, acoustic passages and cold electronic lines. If you like dark ambient music and droning noise, this album could a treat for you.

Label: Rage In Eden

Rating: 7,5

(Davide Pappalardo)

giovedì 14 giugno 2018

Antikatechon: new album "The Sanctum of Saturation" out now

Antikatechon "The Sanctum of Saturation" (CD, Rage in Eden, 2018)

Press Release:
"Antikatechon is one deep sound art and industrial dark ambient music project formed by the Italian based electronic musician Davide Del Col. Antikatechon is one regular and leading blackened ambient project signed by Rage in Eden. 'The Sanctum of Saturation' is Antikatechon's sixth full length release. The stylistic path of this new album ranges from harsh, sinister, fuzzed-out noisy drone ambiences, merged into a clear aural mysticism. Discreet melodiously acoustic tones rise from rumbling walls of noises. The album is divided in two lengthy epic instrumental pieces. Compared to previous Antikatechon's releases it shows a more grimy power electronic direction. 'The Sanctum of Saturation' is one densely emotional and beautifully arranged musical story, an opened window to the netherworld, to icy existential storms and to subtle melancholy. Limited Edition."


1 - The Stations of Servitude (25:59)
2 - The Sanctum of Saturation (26:21)

Created by Davide Del Col
Mastered by Giuseppe Verticchio
Artwork by Giuseppe Verticchio
Original photos by esposito/arteborghese

lunedì 12 febbraio 2018

VV.AA. "Heresy" (Eighth Tower Records)


1 Adonai Atrophia - Al Awwal (08:09)
2 Vladimír Hirsch - Craving Urania II (06:34)
3 Antikatechon - Altaria Expiationis (09:28)
4 Xerxes The Dark - Man & Deviance (06:30)
5 Corona Barathri - Omen Perditionis (06:49)
6 Ruairi O'Baoighill - The Order (06:19)
7 Gnawed - Perdition (Death's Disease) (08:09)
8 Plamen Vecnosti - The Father Beyond (06:08)
9 Taphephobia - Corporeal escape (03:47)
10 Alphaxone - Roots (04:48)
11 Damballah - Kanzo Senp (04:30)
12 Atrox Pestis - The Will Reach from the Heaven (Cutt off Their hands) (13:33)
13 Sonologyst - Purgatorium (08:05)

"We usually think of heresy as something opposed to orthodoxy. Heresy, however, comes from the Greek hairesis, which means choice. Originally it was not used in a derogatory sense, but as a technical term for a philosophical school or the doctrines of a religion. In current usage heresy is a belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted, especially in religion, and more particularly in opposition to the orthodoxy. 
The question for us today is: which choice holds the right opinion? Supported by the esoteric philosophy, many heresies claim that all of us have the right and duty to find the truth within ourselves, that we should trust our own intuition to make these choices, and that we need no mediator to bring us in touch with the Divine because we are rays or sparks of it ourselves. As sparks of the Divine we are all part of the greater whole and all connected in countless ways. This should make us realize that there is a place for everyone and for everyone's opinion about the path to our inner being. Differences of opinion do not make anyone heretical or orthodox. The ancient tradition approaches heresy in a completely different way: it holds that there is really only one heresy in life, and that is thinking that one is separate from the universe and everything in it. Considering that each of us has only a part of the truth and that one person's truth is no more authoritative than another's, we should try to avoid seeing our own view as the only correct one. This cannot help but make us more tolerant of our fellow human beings, who value their choices and opinions as much as we value ours."

Ina Belderis 

released February 9, 2018

lunedì 22 gennaio 2018

Unexplained Sounds - The Recognition Test # 96

Sunday 21st January 2018. H 21.00 - 23.00 Italy time
The Recognition Test # 96, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst)

Streaming at: (On Monday, 6.00 - 8.00 p.m. UK time)

This week in order of appearance:
Poison Dwarfs
transmecanic black dawns
The Sand Rays
Go Tsushima
Robert Rich
Santiago Fradejas
d E
Adonai Atrophia
Wolf Wrams
Max Corbacho

podcast available on Mixcloud

Unexplained Sounds Group

Eighth Tower Records

mercoledì 30 agosto 2017

We Promise To Betray: "Nothing is as It Seems" CD reviewed on "Sherwood"

In Italia, sì specialmente in questo Paese, esiste una sorta di maniacale sudditanza all'atavica oscurità industriale, all'oscurantismo rumoristico, alla fredda tutela del rigido beat vintage e del drone darkotico (dark/narcotico). Non che la cosa – specialmente il dark ambient... anzi scusatemi, solo il dark ambient che il resto personalmento fatico oramai ad ascoltarlo – crei problemi, ma alla lunga stanca, sfibrisce (sfibra e avvilisce). La cosa forse l'hanno intesa anche due bravissimi (non lo scrivo per farmeli preventivamente amici) soundartists da sempre in viaggio dentro quei mondi sù descritti. Giuseppe Verticchio aka Nimh e Twist of Fate, per segnalarne due. Davide Del Col aka Antikatechon, cito il suo moniker più conosciuto, quello che al solo pronunciarlo scatta l'immagine catacombale. I due, già abituati ad usanze decisamente darkdroniche escono alla luce del fu odiato sole e stampano lì un cd che ha del magico. Pura meraviglia sonora contenente quattro lunghe tracce che lievi ed ipnotiche viaggiano sul confine tra il nuovo pensiero noise-ambient (Cfr bvdub) e un personalissimo colto e avvolgente shoegaze in divenire con forti richiami al folk e tutto giocato naturalmente sull'uso della chitarra e la magia che le sue corde sa sprigionare. Da ascolti in random repeat.

(Mirco Salvadori)