martedì 4 gennaio 2011

Molnija Aura: debut album "Utopian Suns" out now

Molnija Aura "Utopian Suns" (CD, Topheth Prophet, 2010)

Debut album of my project in duo with Andrea Marutti

Excerpt from the press release:

Topheth Prophet proudly presents Molnija Aura’s debut album, "Utopian Suns"!

“Utopian Suns” is Molnija Aura first full-length album. Recorded and mastered between 2007 and 2009, the CD is inspired by science-fiction themes and space-age relics.

Consisting of six tracks created mostly with analogue and digital synthesizers, the album is a long and engaging journey through sidereal dephts: shrouded in the darkness of immense and untouched vastness, beyond the great unknown, hovering in the void of zero gravity landscapes explored with slow and unreal movements.

The uneasyness of silence and the absolute void of impenetrable gloom, the infinite and overwhelming distances, the fear of solitude and isolation, the anxiety of no return… And then the emotion of discovery: other worlds, unknown universes and impalpable beings, undefined and unidentifiable entities, close encounters, the unutterable and the unthinkable.

Molnija Aura trace new and absorbing lines, and set a wider border to that area of electronic music inspired by space exploration, astronomy and science-fiction. “Utopian Suns” is a must for all those interested in Dark Ambient, harmonic resonating drones, eternal reverberating cold soundscapes, and atmospheric dilated sequences.

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