giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Antikatechon: "Chrisma Crucifixorum" CD reviewed on "Santa Sangre" webzine

Not even months, but years have passed since the last time I liked an album released by Rage In Eden so much. On the other hand, knowing some of the facts concerning “Chrisma Crucifixorum” my reaction doesn’t surprise me at all.
First of all, Antikatechon comes from Italy and for me this is always a first advantage, even without listening to the album. I often emphasize on my fascination with the Italian dark ambient scene, so in this case I have to do it once again. “Chrisma Crucifixorum” is the second release of Davide Del Col’s project. His debut, “Privilegium Martyrii”, was published by Silentes in 2011. Stefano Gentile is rarely wrong when it comes to searching and finding new Italian artists whose works are worth presenting to the industrial/ambient scene, and Antikatechon is no exception. Giuseppe Verticchio, known primarily from Nimh and Hall Of Mirrors, is responsible for the mastering and his contribution is more than noticeable, because this record is simply permeated with the spirit of this particular segment of the Italian scene.
If I were to describe “Chrisma Crucifixorum” using specific words, I would say that we are dealing with a sound distinctive for all Silentes-related ambient projects, with Hall Of Mirrors’ ingenuity, Amon’s darkness… but also – to escape a little bit towards the North – the solemn, even sacred aura of the best Raison d’être albums rising in the air. This specific reverb sound gives a powerful sense of presence inside a vast cathedral during some religious or mystical ceremony. This impression is completed by the Latin titles of the songs. The music itself is dark and gloomy ambient, frequently interspersed with beautiful melodies, mostly synth, but in the opener, “Altaria Expiationis” you can hear an acoustic guitar (And in this case I just can’t get rid of Hall Of Mirrors “The Fortress” from my head). This combination of moist and musty darkness straight from an ancient and neglected stone structure, with sounds that are sad yet shimmering with some brighter colours works wery well here.
Great choice by Rage In Eden. It’s an excellent album both for dark ambient fans from the Cold Meat camp and for those preferring less obvious, more abstract sounds like the ones often being served by Silentes. Personally I like good meat as well as aromatic spaghetti, hence “Chrisma Crucifixorum” is very much to my taste.

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