giovedì 26 luglio 2012

Antikatechon: "Chrisma Crucifixorum" CD reviewed on "Side-Line"

Rage In Eden was in search of a dark-ambient project so they picked-up Antikatechon to release the 2nd full length of this project.
Last year Antikatechon released their debut CD and this new opus is a terrific successor! Taking off with humming waves emerging from the depths until an acoustic guitar plays a floating melody, this track is a surprising, but overwhelming debut. The next piece is opening the doors of hell. We're moving throughout cellar atmospheres and spoken ghost-like female voices. The sounds are like echoing in an obscure space.
Antikatechon progressively joins pure dark soundscapes, but it's only a teaser for what's coming up. "Convivium Vulturum" sounds like the epicenter of hell. The blasts of sound symbolize an imaginary army of evil spirits that are dropped to terrorize the mortals. "Cunabula Improbitatis" is an intriguing and unique experience. The dark-ambient sound is overwhelming and feels like gangrene slowly conquering your body. Before you really realize what kind of nightmare you're walking through "Chrisma Crucifixorum" will give you the final dark assault. It sounds dark and oppressive, like there is no real exit.
This dark-ambient release will ravish all fans of the genre. Antikatechon will appeal to the fans of Cold Meat Industry, which is more than a reference!

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