sabato 6 agosto 2016

Antikatechon: "I Feel Nothing but Repulsion" CD reviewed on "Igloo Magazine"

One regular dark-ambient project signed by the Polish Rage in Eden (previously known as War Office Propaganda and key label in the field of dark underground music, from industrial ambient, to neofolk hyms and martial epics) Antikatechon has recently delivered a new physical release as limited edition. I Feel Nothing but Repulsion embraces the path of Antikatechon original musical identity, with aural soundscapes based on enveloping, grainy and abrasive drone sequences which interact with more ethereal and semi melodious phrases. If Chrisma Crucifixorum represents the more transcendental industrialism and deeply religious facets of this project (with reminiscence from Desiderii Marginis, Raison d’être, Caul…) and if Woe is the Reward shows a more explicit inclination to ultimately black and menacing drone-noisy tendencies, this new release is certainly its most atmospheric and spooky cinematic one. The opening theme is a disturbing and ghostly piece found of micro noises, droney harmonies with parly melodious synth lines. A soundtrack exploration of forgetfulness, distorted memories. Written in collaboration with the French ethereal wave, dark ambient project Day Before Us, the second piece is a claustrophobic, implicitly goth and epic track based on the grand piano enthralling arppegios. Cavernous then abrasive electric guitar drone noises progressively culminate in a vertiginous musical darkness. A highly eloquent, cinematic and moving track of dark neoclassicism. With its demonic chordal ambience the self-titled track reminds me of powerfully ritualistic and heavily mystical drone guitar works of Expo 70 aka Justin Wright. “From Defeat to Disintegration” is a more hazy soundscaping sadness built in collaboration with Giuseppe Verticchio from Nimh. A touching and even tearful track with beautiful looped motives joined by fragile notes which progressively dissolve in a black droning maelstrom. The closing track is a compelling, serene and ascending epilogue guitar echoing laments, trembling drones, various concrete noises surrounded by a really puzzling funereal expression. The cover artwork greatly sustains the state of confinement and enigmatic sorrowing dimension of this album in black and white emotions.

(Philippe Blache)

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