martedì 21 marzo 2017

We Promise To Betray: debut album "Nothing is as It Seems" out now

We Promise To Betray "Nothing is as It Seems" (CD, Oltrelanebbiailmare, 2017)

"We Promise To Betray is the collaborative musical project of Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh, Twist Of Fate, Hall Of Mirrors, Maribor…) and Davide Del Col (Antikatechon, Molnija Aura, Echran, Ornament…). Quite far from their more usual dark-ambient/industrial perspectives, We Promise To Betray flow through ambient atmospheres, shoegaze echoes, nearly rock progressions, inner and crepuscular suggestions, mixing field recordings, ethereal synthetic textures, acoustic arpeggiated or dilated and reverberated electric guitars, bass and drums hypnotic rhythmic sections and leading distorted electric riffs, redefining the lines between apparently distant music genres, but homogeneous for mood, climate, atmosphere."

1) The Illusion of Certainty (15,08)
2) The Certainty of Illusion (13,57)
3) Nothing is as It Seems (12,41)
4) We Promise to Betray (12,44)

Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh:
Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Synthesizers, Khlui (Thai Flute), Effects, Field Recordings

Davide Del Col/Antikatechon:
Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synthesizers, Effects, Field Recordings

Composed, Performed and Recorded in 2016/2017
Mixing and Mastering: Giuseppe Verticchio
Photos and Artwork: Giuseppe Verticchio

Special Thanks: Daniela Gherardi, Stefano Gentile

Oltrelanebbiailmare/Silentes Website:

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