lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Nimh & Antikatechon: "Out Hunting for Teeth" CD reviewed on "Igloo Magazine"

Out Hunting for Teeth consists of a collaborative effort between two major figures and great musical personalities of the Italian underground venturing electronic scene. Giuseppe Verticchio (alias Nimh) is a multi-instrumentalist and an influential artist in the world of esoteric-ambient droning electronic music (with a handful of recommended albums published on Silentes). He is also known for his notorious contribution in the territory of diversified acoustic exploration between sound monographies and ethno-religious stylistical improvs. Davide Del Cole is a brilliant dark ambient wizard and remarkable sound alchemist whose personal work (as Antikatechon) can be appreciated as a new standard in the spheres of moodscaping cinematic ambiences. Two singular and original musical personalities for an outstanding, tumultuous and resonant dark noise ambient manifesto.
The slowly evolving sound textures and massively psych-acoustic timbres include the presence of an aesthetic equilibrium between religiously abstract procession and obsessional rumbling drama. The self-titled track is such an intense and distorted noisy-bleak sonic demonstration melted into an aural-decaying symbolist splendor. This last perfectly illustrates the painful-sinister, fantasist and strangely compelling visual fascination we can find in Goya’s realistic allegories. “Those Pecks of Dust” is a brooding and effervescent dronescaping lament, hauntingly immersive with some detached-angelic acoustic based lines which escapes from the magmatic-spectacular and tragically heroic noisy background. One of my favorites from the album because of its surrounded metaphysically sounding fortress. “You will not escape” is a more calm and flowing cloud of sound frequencies for electric drone guitars and distant subterranean noises which finally come to the fore to create an absolute entrancing epic and crepuscular ambience. “All will fall” is a more post-industrial soundscaping piece with large and absorbing synthesized chords and guided by a fabulous energetic, cavernous and sonically doom sense of unnatural sound imaginary. “Sleep Overcome Them” figures among the most truly fascinating pieces I’ve heard in the specific dark-ambient genre—a cruel, raging and spiritually elevated drone which leads to a true ecstatic fervor. This closing track leaves the listener in a state of complete redemption.
To sum up things Out Hunting for Teeth is a grandiose, shimmering and nightmarish dark ambient release that will ravish fans of the genre (New Risen Throne, Hall of Mirrors, Atrium Carceri et al).

(Philippe Blache)

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