martedì 10 maggio 2016

Antikatechon: new album "I Feel Nothing but Repulsion" out now

Antikatechon "I Feel Nothing but Repulsion" (CD, Rage in Eden, 2016)

Press Release:
"Working under the moniker of Antikatechon, Davide Del Col has published a number of classic dark ambient releases for Silentes and Rage in Eden. His musical universe voluntary invites the listeners to travel through deep and eerie soundscaping experiences which profoundly affect our emotions, generate powerful image and vivid metaphors about human finitude, psychic confinement and the otherworld. This new album entitled "I Feel Nothing but Repulsion" carries on Antikatechon’s aesthetics for isolationist soundscapes, bleak noises and darkly industrial musical excursions. Piano melodic phrases are brought up by the French neoclassic ambient project Day Before Us on one track, while the ethno-ritual and eclectic droning based project Nimh is featured on one epic piece of the album. This release is beautifully accompanied by enigmatic and ominous photographs of Bactrian Arts. With its melodious mystical resonances, disembodied guitar drones and nasty noisy incantations "I Feel Nothing but Repulsion" is an essential opus in the post industrial and doom ambient world. Rage in Eden is pleased to present this new album to the audience."

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