giovedì 19 maggio 2016

Wounds Of The Earth DJ Mix 012

Deep, transcendental drone blooming into dark, tribal ambient. By Dan Barrett (aka Worms of the Earth)

DJ: Dan Barrett
Genre: Drone, Tribal ambient

Skorneg - Skroneg
Cities Last Broadcast - Deadpost
Antikatechon - Altaria Expationis
Blood Box - Oracle of Babylon
Caul - Dunelight
False Mirror - A Desert You Have To Walk Alone
Hall of Mirrors - Gates of Namathur
God Body Disconnect - Lost In The Astral World
Herbst9 - Lord Of The Shining Crown
Maculatum - Part III
Sephiroth - Dark Garden
Sephiroth - A Map Of Eden Before The Storms
Shrine - Lost Beauty

Total time: 62:24

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